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14 course Theorbo in a. Now Sold

Design based on instruments by Venere C.1610 and the well known portrait of Mary Sidney at Penshurst Place. C.1620
Stopped string length 81.5cm
Diapason length 145cm
9 frets tied on the neck.
Back in 25 ribs of Pau Rosa with Holly lines. Oil finished.
Neck and upper neck veneered in Ebony with Holly lines.
Inlaid heart motif in Ebony and Holly.

front Back End Long Front mid Rose

Price: 6200

If you click on the thumbnails above you can download a larger set of images of the instrument.
If you are interested please contact me to arrange a viewing so you can try the instrument with no obligation.

In Preparation

6 course lute in g'
Black Walnut
Follow the making of this instrument here

Please note. The prices quoted do not include cases. Please e-mail me for details.

If you are looking for a particular type of lute or guitar 'off the shelf', please use the form to let me know what you are interested in.
I prefer to choose the instruments I make as stock items based on the requests of my customers. That way there is at least one potential buyer for them!
There is no obligation involved in making this kind of request.

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