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Oliver Wadsworth. Lutes And Early Guitars. Prices 2015
Goto baroque lutes, guitars , extended lutes or terms

Medieval lutes

4 courseFrom £2200
5 courseFrom £2200

Renaissance lutes

6 course£2900
7 and 8 coursesStudent£1800

veneered neck/pegbox£3500

multi rib back, add£500

10 courseVeneered neck / pegbox£4000

multi rib back, add£500

Baroque Lutes.

11 courseVeneered neck / pegbox£4400

multi rib back, add£500

12 courseVeneered neck / pegbox£6000

13 courseVeneered neck / pegbox

Bass rider£5800

Swan neck£6000

multi rib back, add£600

Extended lutes.

14 course archlutemulti rib back£6000
Liuti Attiorbati 14 course £5500
Chitarroni14 course c1600 multi rib£6200


Baroque 5 courseFrench flat back. Plain£3000

Voboam style, with stripes and typical edging decoration£5000

Italian vaulted back. Plain£3500

Italian, decorated£POA

4 course From£1900

Vaulted backs, carved heads etc.£2300

Vihuela da mano From £2800

Vaulted backs, panels etc. From£3600

Other instruments
I am always interested in making other early, plucked, fretted instruments not listed above. Please ask.

Please ask for quotes on decorative items like stripey neck veneers, inlaid heart motifs etc.

Repairs and Restorations
I am happy to take on such work. Do please get in touch to arrange for an assesment and quote.

Instruments for hire

Very occasionally I have instruments available to hire on a monthly basis.
please email or phone for details. Prices vary according the particular instrument but start at £50/month. Customers are entirely responsible for hired instruments and are therefore required to provide adequate insurance.

  • A downpayment of 25% of the price of the instrument is required to secure a place on the waiting list. If the instrument's price is £3000 or above a further 25% is payable on my commencing manufacture.
  • This downpayment is not returnable once manufacture has begun.
  • In all cases the balance is payable on or before collection of the instrument.
  • Instruments remain my property until paid for in full.
  • Instruments not paid for in full after 6 weeks of notification of completion may be offered for sale.
  • Whilst every effort is made to complete work by a given date, due to the nature of the work, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Instruments are guaranteed for 1 year against defects in materials and workmanship. After this time, I will assess any problems individually. Anything I think is my fault, I will do my best to remedy without charge.
  • Any rental agreements are made on the understanding that the customer has adequate insurance for the instrument. Any loss or damage is the customers responsibility.
  • The prices quoted do not include cases, insurance or shipping. Cases can be supplied. Prices can be quoted on request.
  • All payments must be made in Pounds Stirling and, depending on payment method, all bank charges must be met by the customer.
  • Prices are usually revised annually.
  • Payment by installments can sometimes be arranged. Please ask for details.

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