Baroque Lutes
Baroque Lutes
Instruments of 11 to 13 courses, tuned in a D minor open tuning.
Two models of 11 course lute are shown. One based on an instrument by Hans Frei, now in the Warwick County museum. The other also based on an instrument by Frei, the C.34 in Vienna.
The Warwick Frei makes a very nice longer model with a string length of 69cm. The C.34 is a little shorter at 67cm.
The 13 course Swan necked instrument again uses the Warwick Frei back.
'Warwick' Frei. Rippled Ash
C.34 Frei. Bird's Eye Maple
C.34 Frei. Front
13 course 'Warwick' Frei
Back detail - Rippled Sycamore
13 course. Front
Swan neck detail